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About | Writing about music and musing about writing, Kelvin Tan brings a refreshing perspective to the arts. Having begun writing and composing since 1994, his definitive eclecticism has found its way onto various internet portals such as, CNET and Short Stories East of the Web. Music | The music of Kelvin Tan ranges from new age to synthesizers to classical and electric guitar. Soft, romantic piano tunes flow into atmospheric soundscapes and morph into lush orchestral waves, punctuated by strangely pleasant distorted guitars. Short Stories | The short stories from Kelvin Tan incorporate evocations of emotions in a multi-consciousness style. Playfully switching between the poetic and the expressive, the stylistic tones and colours never fail to delight. Photography | Quirky subjects and unusual shots are the theme of Kelvin Tan's photography style. Free Downloads | For free MP3 downloads and royalty free photographs, or to discuss a professional collaboration, email to kelvin @ | © 1999 -2010 Kelvin Tan